WEBINAR: A Strategic Blueprint: U.S.-China Relations

Event Asia
Event Asia

May 20, 2020 WEBINAR: A Strategic Blueprint: U.S.-China Relations

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

11:00 am - 12:00 pm



The rise of China is the most persistent and consequential challenge that will confront the United States for the next several decades. Even before the outbreak of COVID-19, China served as an irresponsible global actor, who destabilized and undermined the peace and prosperity of the free world. Evidence for this was seen day-to-day on a range of American interests, stretching from freedom of the seas to the security of its allies and even security at home, particularly in cyberspace. Moving forward, U.S. policymakers will have to manage the U.S. response to China in concert with America’s other global priorities, interests, and responsibilities. Join us for a discussion on how the U.S. can keep Americans free, safe and prosperous, while also pushing for world-wide transparency of the Chinese Communist Party’s mendacious actions.

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