A Timeline of Heritage Successes

A Timeline of Heritage Successes

A Timeline of Successes


Trump administration embraces Heritage Foundation policy recommendations

Analysis completed by The Heritage Foundation determined that 64 percent of the policy prescriptions in Heritage's “Mandate for Leadership” series were included in Trump’s budget, implemented through regulatory guidance, or under consideration for action in accordance with Heritage's original proposals.


Donald Trump turns to Heritage for policy guidance.

As a candidate, Donald Trump drew his list of potential Supreme Court nominees from Heritage recommendations. Many of his policy recommendations were drawn from our Mandate for Leadership series of policy guides. After his November election, Heritage continued to provide guidance on policy and personnel, and several dozen staff worked directly with the transition team.


Leading the fight against Obamacare.

The Heritage Foundation led the intellectual fight against Obamacare. And after the bill passed, we immediately started making the case for repeal. Working with our sister organization, Heritage Action for America, we kept up the drumbeat for repealing the health care law even when the Washington establishment urged otherwise.


Defeating the ABM Treaty to pave the way for missile defense.

After a 20-year effort by Heritage in laying the legal, technical, and policy groundwork, President Bush repeals the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, clearing the way for deployment of missile defenses.


Welfare reform passes based on Heritage recommendations.

Welfare reform is passed, based on a plan devised by Heritage experts. Liberals predict it will throw millions into poverty and leave children "sleeping on grates." Instead, more than five million individuals leave welfare and find work; child poverty drops; and black child poverty falls for the first time in 25 years, plunging to historic lows.


Heritage launches candidate briefing book.

Heritage releases the first edition of Issues: The Candidate's Briefing Book. This comprehensive guide to domestic, foreign, and defense policy issues helps conservative candidates frame the debate. In 2000, House Majority Leader Dick Armey said, "If candidates read nothing else, they should read Issues.... No candidate should run without it."


Heritage’s Mandate for Leadership guides the Reagan revolution.

Heritage's 1,093-page public policy blueprint, Mandate for Leadership: Policy Management in a Conservative Administration, becomes the policy bible of the newly elected Reagan administration on everything from taxes and regulation to crime and national defense. The new president gives copies to every member of his Cabinet at their first meeting. The upshot: Nearly two-thirds of the 2,000 recommendations contained in Mandate were adopted by the Reagan administration.


The Heritage Foundation opens its doors.

The Heritage Foundation is founded in order to deliver compelling and persuasive research to Congress providing facts, data, and sound arguments on behalf of conservative principles.