2018 Quad-Plus Conference Papers

2018 Quad-Plus Conference Papers


Vision Statement of the Quadrilateral Group

The Return of the Asia-Pacific Quad

The Quad in Afghanistan—A Long-Term Commitment Required (Luke Coffey, Director of the Allison Center for Foreign Policy The Heritage Foundation)

China’s Foreign Policy under President Xi (Andrew Davies and Michael Shoebridge, Australian Strategic Policy Institute)

Analyses of BRI and Alternative Strategies: The Case of Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy (Szu-chien Hsu, President, Taiwan Foundation for Democracy)

Chinese Foreign Policy in the Age of Xi Jinping (Wen-cheng Lin, President, Taiwan Society of Japan Studies President, Foundation on Asia-Pacific Peace Studies)

Bringing the Quad to Bear on the South China Sea (Gregory B. Poling, Center for Strategic and International Studies)

The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue: An Alignment of Policies for Common Benefit (Ambassador Anil Wadhwa, VivekanandaInternational Foundation)

Reconciling the Quad with Autonomy of Action (Dr. Harinder Sekhon, Senior Fellow Vivekananda International Foundation)

China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Context and Response (Jeff M. Smith, Research Fellow, South Asia The Heritage Foundation)

Chinese Foreign Policy in the Age of Xi Jin Ping (Ambassador Anil Wadhwa, Vivekananda International Foundation)