America and the Struggle for Freedom

American Exceptionalism

America and the Struggle for Freedom

Being the Party of Working Americans Is Not About Rhetoric. It Is About Results
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In this First Principles video series, America and the Struggle for Freedom, Dr. Joseph Loconte, Director of the B. Kenneth Simon Center for American Studies and AWC Family Foundation Fellow, unpacks the theme of freedom in Western Civilization, culminating in the American Experiment. Learn about the vital importance of great political ideas being carried forward by exceptional leaders in the following episodes.

Episode 1: “Why Future Leaders Must Understand the Past,” explains why history matters and how American democracy grew out of the soil of the classical-Christian tradition.

Episode 2: Two Revolutions for Freedom: 1776 vs. 1789,” explains how exceptional the American Revolution was in world history, and why it could easily have collapsed into tyranny, like the French Revolution. 

Episode 3: What Would Happen if America Didn't Have a Constitution?,” explores the Constitution, the remarkable achievement of the American Founders, against all odds, in producing the world’s oldest and most durable written Constitution. 

The Teacher's Guide gives educators the opportunity to guide their classes through the important themes of each video. Click to view!

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