Poll: Tax Cuts and Spending Cuts Go Hand in Hand

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Poll: Tax Cuts and Spending Cuts Go Hand in Hand

June 14, 2017 1 min read Download Report
Elizabeth Fender
Manager, Marketing
Elizabeth Fender serves as Manager of Marketing at The Heritage Foundation.


Federal tax reform is likely to be a big issue in Congress this year, encouraged by both the executive branch’s agenda and public opinion. Most Americans say that the federal tax system needs at least minor changes, with almost two-thirds believing it needs major changes and reform. Americans say potential lower revenue from tax cuts should lead to lower government spending, with overall spending cuts or entitlement reform to reduce the financial burden of these programs. Few say tax cuts should be paid for by tax increases among other individuals.

Key Takeaways

A majority of Americans (69%) think that if tax cuts lead to decreased revenue for the federal government, it should be offset by decreased spending.

About half (49%) think decreased revenue should lead to overall spending cuts.

An additional two in ten (19%) think decreased revenue should lead to lower spending through entitlement reform.

91% Believe Federal Tax System Needs Changes

Nearly Seven in 10 Think Congress Should Cut Spending or Reform Entitlements to Respond to Lower Revenue


Elizabeth Fender
Elizabeth Fender

Manager, Marketing


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