Oversight Project Urges Court to Force Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg to Produce Documents on Political Collusion in Trump Prosecution

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Oversight Project Urges Court to Force Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg to Produce Documents on Political Collusion in Trump Prosecution

Apr 24, 2024 1 min read

WASHINGTON—The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project sent a letter to a Manhattan judge urging him to quickly rule on the Manhattan District Attorney’s office’s refusal to follow the law and produce records the Oversight Project requested over a year ago. Last week’s letter is part of a lawsuit the Oversight Project filed in June 2023 to compel the production of records from two April 2023 open records requests to Bragg’s office.   

The first request sought communications with Biden administration officials and prominent national Democrats regarding the ongoing prosecution of President Trump. The second request sought communications with prominent left-leaning law firms who provided free or deeply discounted legal services to Bragg’s office to prosecute the former president.  

Kyle Brosnan, chief counsel for the Oversight Project at The Heritage Foundation, commented on the letter: 

“Enough is enough. President Trump is currently sitting trial in a Manhattan courtroom because of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s politicized lawfare. At the same time Bragg is trying to invent a crime by digging into President Trump’s business records, he’s defying a lawful request for his own government records. For over a year, Bragg has refused to meaningfully comply with records requests that get to the bottom of this key question: is Bragg coordinating with President Trump’s political opponents on his sham prosecution? If it is taking Bragg over a year to look through and fork over responsive records, the answer is probably yes. The front-runner candidate for President of the United States has been taken off the campaign trail for weeks and is being forced to sit in a courtroom. This is election interference at its finest. The American people deserve to understand the scope of Bragg’s politicized prosecution of President Trump and the Oversight Project intends to see this through.”    

More than a year after the initial records request, Bragg’s office has produced fewer than 20 pages of records—detailing the free and low-cost legal services they received from major international law firms to prosecute President Trump. The records the Oversight Project is fighting for get to the core of the ongoing Trump criminal trial and leftwing lawfare against the former president and conservatives.     

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