Mary Vought Named Vice President of Communications for The Heritage Foundation

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Mary Vought Named Vice President of Communications for The Heritage Foundation

Apr 3, 2024 3 min read

WASHINGTON—The Heritage Foundation announced today that Mary Vought will serve as its next vice president of communications. 

With a career spanning nearly two decades in strategic communications, public relations, and political advocacy, Vought brings experience from Capitol Hill and the private sector to America’s leading conservative policy organization. 

“The Heritage Foundation is America’s outpost in Washington,” Heritage President Dr. Kevin Roberts said, “and with Mary’s extensive experience and strategic approach, we’re going to ensure that the people’s voice is heard louder than ever in 2024. Her leadership will be instrumental in advancing Heritage’s mission and taking back our country.” 

Vought is the founder of Vought Strategies, a Washington, D.C.-based public relations firm she established in 2013. Vought previously worked for Sen. Ron Johnson as his communications director and senior advisor, and in the U.S. House for several members of Congress and as communications director for the House Republican Conference. President Donald J. Trump appointed her to serve on the National Council on Disability, and she currently serves on the Virginia Disability Board.

Her work has focused on health care policy, government oversight, disability advocacy, and more, has been published in The Washington Post, USA Today, Fox News, Newsweek, and The Wall Street Journal. In her spare time, she proudly advocates for those in the disability community, including her youngest daughter, who has cystic fibrosis. 

“I’ve been fighting on behalf of everyday Americans my whole career, and no one does that better than The Heritage Foundation,” said Vought. “I am proud to lead a great team of talented communicators, and I look forward to amplifying Heritage's world-class policy experts and conservative leaders as they work to safeguard America’s future.” 

In her capacity as vice president, Vought will lead Heritage’s communications efforts, overseeing media relations, messaging, digital productions, and marketing. With her proven track record as an effective communicator and commitment to advancing conservative values, Vought will develop and execute the vision and strategy for Heritage’s communications presence to further enhance its impact and reach. 

Vought replaces Rob Bluey, who served as vice president of communications since 2017. Bluey is working on a new initiative that will be announced in the coming months. 

Praise for Mary Vought: 

Sen. Eric Schmitt of Missouri: “As America faces a long list of threats and crises both here and abroad, the need for conservatives to be able to get our message out is critical. For decades, The Heritage Foundation has been at the center of the efforts to articulate the conservative movement’s solutions to America’s challenges, and Mary Vought is the right woman to take on the responsibility of The Heritage Foundation's critical work at a very critical time. Her impressive career not only belies her firm beliefs and fighting spirit but also the hard-earned experience needed for the job.” 

Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin: “The federal government is way too big and Washington, D.C., is fundamentally broken. Government is doing more harm to the American people on a daily basis than I have ever seen in my lifetime. It’s not enough to have the right ideas to fix it; conservatives have to be able to communicate those ideas. That’s why I am happy to hear that Mary Vought will be The Heritage Foundation’s new vice president of communications. In all the years that I’ve known her and worked alongside her, she’s proven herself a solid conservative and an expert communicator time and time again on every single major issue facing this country. She will do a phenomenal job.” 

Sen. Mike Lee of Utah: “I am pleased to offer my heartfelt congratulations to both The Heritage Foundation and Mary Vought on this announcement. Mary is a firm believer in our Constitution and the principles that underpin our founding. Those convictions are unquestionably evident in the combination of passion, skill, and tireless dedication she has always brought to everything she does — and will doubtlessly bring to this new role. I look forward to seeing what she and her team will accomplish, and to seeing how the conservative movement and our republic will benefit as a result.”

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