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Overview: Obama Guts Welfare Reform

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) granted itself authority to “waive compliance” with all of the work provisions in the TANF program. Read More.

Gutting Welfare Reform: Workfare Explained

The Obama Administration has declared the work provisions null and void and has granted itself unlimited authority to re-craft the work standards. Read More.

Gutting Welfare Reform: Undoing Workfare

The Administration is turning welfare reform on its head by jettisoning the legislative goal of reducing welfare caseloads. Read More.

Gutting Welfare’s Work Requirements Is Against the Law

The Obama Administration now claims the authority to weaken or waive the work requirements that are at the heart of welfare reform. Read More.

Rector debates Edelmann on Gutting Welfare Reform

Senior Fellow Robert Rector discusses welfare reform on the campaign trail on PBS Newshour. Read More.

On July 12, the Obama administration issued a new policy asserting that it would issue waivers to exempt states from the work requirements established in the 1996 welfare-reform law. This move violates the reform law and undermines what made it such a success. Welfare reform helped millions of families out of welfare and into jobs. Obama’s new policy will “end welfare reform as we know it.” To truly help the poor, work must be restored.