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Health Care

Replacing Medicare’s SGR

Four Bipartisan Options to Finance a Permanent Fix Read More.

King v. Burwell

An opportunity for congress and the states to clear away Obamacare's failed policies. Read More.

Eight Groups Harmed by the ACA’s Flawed Policies

While it is not surprising that those claims have attracted attention, an important, though often missing, context is the harm being caused by the ACA itself. Read More.

A Fresh Start for Health Care Reform

The need for health care reform has never been questioned by health care policy analysts on either side of the political spectrum. Read More.

America's health care financing and insurance systems need major reform. Policymakers should take decisive steps to move today's bureaucracy driven, heavily regulated third-party payment system to a new patient-centered system of consumer choice and real free-market competition. In such a system, individuals and families would make the key decisions and control the flow of dollars.


Experts on Health Care