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Bitter Pills Archive

April 15, 2004 2 min read
The Heritage Foundation

Bitter Pills Archive

Bitter Pills #1: How Much For "A Work In Progress"? $534 Billion (Or More)

Bitter Pills #2: Presenting A Lesson In Buyer's Remorse-D.C. Style

Bitter Pills #3: Medicare Is Safe Until 2030. No, Wait. 2026. No, 2019…

Bitter Pills #4: What Was The Idea Behind The Medicare Drug Plan Again?

Bitter Pills #5: All In Favor Of Bankrupting Their Children, Please Step Forward

Bitter Pills #6: How To Drain The Swamp of the 2003 Medicare Drug Law

Bitter Pills #7: The "Early Warning" That Lawmakers Will Likely Ignore

Bitter Pills #8: Drug Discount Cards: Why Must the Good Die Young (in 2006)?

Bitter Pills #9: Rigged to Fail: Medicare's Doomed "Demonstration" Program

Bitter Pills #10: Why Can't Other States Be Like Indiana?

Bitter Pills #11: If It Might Succeed, Kill It

Bitter Pills #12: Can You See The Big Picture in Medicare Spending?

Bitter Pills #13: How The Government Fixes A Problem (With Your Money)

Bitter Pills #14: Will Medicare Discourage Coverage Options?

Bitter Pills #15: Forget Vietnam - Here's What Bush and Kerry Should Talk About

Bitter Pills #16: A Law of Unintended Consequences

Bitter Pills #17: $534 Billion. $720 Billion. What Next?

Bitter Pills #18: The Great Retirement Drug Benefit Dump Starts Here

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"Bitter Pills" is an occasional, but regular, feature from The Heritage Foundation on how the 2003 Medicare drug law is full of sickening "surprises" that have serious consequences for seniors and taxpayers. Of course, The Heritage Foundation isn't surprised at all. We diagnosed the problems long ago in our Medicare Maladies series. Both Medicare Maladies and Bitter Pills are available on (if you can stomach them).


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