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Health Care

The Story Behind Obamacare’s Enrollment Increase

It's mainly due to Medicaid expansion. Read More.

New Obamacare Enrollment Data: Employer-Based Coverage Declines

New data show that the number of people who have private health insurance increased by just over 520,000. Read More.

After Repeal of Obamacare: Moving to Patient-Centered, Market-Based Health Care

True health care reform would empower individuals, with their doctors, to make their own health care decisions free from government interference. Read More.

Obamacare in Pictures

Visualizing the Effects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Read More.

America's health care financing and insurance systems need major reform. Policymakers should take decisive steps to move today's bureaucracy driven, heavily regulated third-party payment system to a new patient-centered system of consumer choice and real free-market competition. In such a system, individuals and families would make the key decisions and control the flow of dollars.


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