Richard McAdams

Richard McAdams

Advisor to the President for Donor Relations, Donor Relations

Richard is responsible for communication the mission of The Heritage Foundation to Heritage members who live in Florida.

Richard McAdams is responsible for communicating the mission of The Heritage Foundation, as well as our effectiveness in promoting conservative values, to Heritage members who reside in Florida.

McAdams joined Heritage in 2010 as a development writer, spending a year learning about the policy solutions that spring from our conservative principles and telling our hundreds of thousands of members about our impact.

Previously, McAdams worked in government and politics in both Florida and Washington, D.C. After a year as a sixth-grade teacher at a charter school in Fairfax, Va., he interned in the office of Rep. Adam Putnam, his congressman. He then took a job in the Washington office of then-Florida Gov Jeb Bush.

McAdams next moved to Tallahassee to join the governor’s office, where he was responsible for advising Governor Bush on aerospace and other issues.

Three years later, he moved back to Washington to work in the legislative affairs office of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). He served for two years as a liaison between NASA and Capitol Hill, advancing President Bush’s vision for space exploration.

McAdams holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Furman University in Greenville, S.C.  Born and raised in Winter Haven, Fla., he serves on the board of the Florida State Society of Washington, D.C.