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November 1, 2016

November 1, 2016 | News Releases on

Heritage Releases Final Volume in 2016 "Mandate for Leadership" Series

Washington, D.C.The Heritage Foundation today released “Blueprint for a New Administration: Priorities for the President,” the third and final installment of its latest Mandate for Leadership series.

The new volume, “Blueprint for a New Administration: Priorities for the President,” identifies specific actions the next president can take to reform executive branch programs and policies as soon as he or she enters the Oval Office. The 70-page report also identifies the steps Cabinet members and other major agency heads can take to implement the reform directives.

The Mandate project dates to 1980, when Heritage published its first detailed guide to reforming the federal government on a department-by-department basis. Many of its conservative policy solutions were adopted by the Reagan administration, with the president referring to it as his governing “bible.”

The latest volume comes on the heels of two other Mandate reports released earlier this year:

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