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WebMemo #177 on Political Thought

December 10, 2002

The West Must Prevail


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Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher urged the West to fight the "twin-headed monster" of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, Monday night at a gathering of The Heritage Foundation's President's Club.

Lady Thatcher received Heritage's Clare Boothe Luce Award in honor of her pursuit of political freedom and for exemplifying conservative ideals.

Vice President Dick Cheney joined Heritage Foundation President Edwin Feulner to present the award to Thatcher.

She said only the U.S. could overcome the global threats -- from "psychopaths" like Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein -- and that Britain's role was as American's staunchest ally.

Thatcher, who was prime minister from 1979 to 1990, said despite the elusive evil of terrorism, the war against it can be won.

"The success in Afghanistan demonstrated that the doubters were wrong: the War Against Terror can be won. But we still confront today a twin-headed monster of terrorism and of proliferating weapons of mass destruction. And both those heads must be removed, if the beast itself is to be destroyed.

Evil, it is true, has always been with us. But evil was never so technically sophisticated, never so elusive, never so devoid of scruple, and never so anxious to inflict civilian casualties. The West must prevail..."

The President's Club event was held at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center, with more than 800 supporters in attendance. Heritage established the Clare Boothe Luce Award in 1991. Luce was a Heritage trustee, congresswoman, ambassador, playwright, presidential adviser and editor.

"I am enormously honoured to receive this award, Lady Thatcher said. "It bears the name of one of the most remarkable Americans of her day; and it has previously been given to other great Americans. It is inspiring to be in such company - and wonderful, as always at Heritage, to be among true friends."

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