May 18, 2001 | WebMemo on Energy and Environment

Five Points on President Bush's Energy Plan

President Bush announced his comprehensive energy plan for the country Thursday, May 15. The president's plan is an overdue balanced approach to meet our nation's long-term energy needs and preserve our economic prosperity. In a nutshell, the president's plan does the following:

  • Maintains 21st Century quality of life that American families have worked so hard to achieve;

  • Ensures domestic supply meets increasing demand;

  • Upgrades aging infrastructure to get the end-product/power to consumers;

  • Modernizes conservation and energy efficiency through use state-of-the art technology;

  • Expands energy trade with Canada, Mexico and other countries to reduce our dependency on OPEC and rogue nations around the world for our energy needs.

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Charli E. Coon is Senior Policy Analyst, Energy and Environment at The Heritage Foundation

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