September 16, 1986

September 16, 1986 | Lecture on Economic Growth

Privitization for You and Your Family

"Privatization for You and Your Family" was delivered by Robert Russell at the September 16, 1986 founding Conference of The Windsor Society, at Windsor Castle, Windsor, England. The Windsor Society sponsored the three-day Conference, "Privatization Around the World," which brought together thirty-six friends, Trustees, and senior staff of The Heritage Foundation, as well as experts on privatization from both sides of the Atlantic. Mr. Russell's address highlighted the importance of preserving personal intent in estate planning.

Mr. Russell serves The Heritage Foundation as Planned Giving Counselor and has been affiliated with Heritage since 1983. He has been President of own marketing and management consulting firm, Robert Russell & Associates, since 1976. Among his many other involvements, he is a member of the Steering Committee for the Institute for Educational Affairs in Washington, D.C., a member of the Board of Advisors for the John T. McCarty Memorial Fund in Los Angeles, and a Senior Fellow of the Shavano Institute of Hillsdale College.

Privatization for You and Your Family by Robert K Russell
Windsor Castle
September 16, 1986

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