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How to Create an Effective Transportation Program

Congress should embrace these financial challenges as an opportunity to reform the federal transportation program while still meeting the goal of reducing federal spending and shifting greater responsibility to the states. Read More.

Transportation Funding Gap: Public-Private Fix?

Tight federal budget restraints and shrinking transportation trust fund revenues mean federal and state government need to find alternative financial resources to finance needed transportation infrastructure projects. Read More.

Transportation Reauthorization: Spending Boondoggle?

Reining in spending and debt should top the agenda in Congress, but one issue competing with that priority is reauthorization of the transportation program. Read More.

“Turn Back” Transportation to the States

Wasteful, inequitable, and bristling with burdensome regulations, the Federal Highway Program is in dire need of reform. Read More.

The federal government’s primary role in transportation – building the interstate highway system –was accomplished decades ago. Congress should pave the way for returning responsibility and management of transportation to the states, and enact reforms to streamline the project and environmental review process.


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