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Report on the Growth of Regulation

Regulatory burdens on Americans increased by nearly $70 billion during President Obama’s first term in office. Read More.

A Case Study of Regulatory Pitfalls

The Dodd–Frank financial regulation statute requires nearly 400 rulemakings. As of January 2, some 60 percent of the rulemaking deadlines were missed. Read More.

The 10 Worst Regulations of 2013

There are many things 2013 will be remembered for, not least the miles of red tape that were imposed on Americans. Read More.

Tales Of The Red Tape

Tales of the Red Tape is a special series on The Foundry that exposes some of the more egregious federal regulations. Read More.

Every facet of daily life, from what cars we drive to what food we eat is subject to government’s regulatory reach. The costs are inevitably borne by consumers in the form of higher prices, restricted product choices and limited freedom. Policymakers should scrutinize new and existing rules to ensure that each is necessary and to minimize costs.


Experts on Regulation