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Labor Regulation

How Congress Can Support Labor Market Recovery

America now has the weakest labor market since the Great Depression. Unemployment remains above 9 percent, primarily because job creation has not recovered. Read More.

Taxpayer Auto Bailout Losses Came from Subsidizing Unions

Bankruptcy law calls for similarly situated creditors to receive equal treatment. Read More.

Paycheck Fairness Act Burdens Everyone Involved

Employers who pay similarly qualified male and female workers different wages for the same job face stiff legal sanctions. The law does not set wages, employers may pay different wages to workers with different qualifications. Read More.

Labor and Workplace Policy in 2012 Elections

Issues 2012 provides candidates for elected office the ability to quickly identify the key issues of the day and present clear policy recommendations, supported by facts, for addressing them. Read More.

Labor policy should promote competition and mobility in the workforce. Instead, government regulations often hold workers back and cartelize the labor market. Congress should remove barriers to labor mobility whether in the form of rules that decrease flexibility, laws that discourage hiring, or preferences for unions enforced by government.