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Saving the American Dream: Medicare Reform Plans

The United States is at a fiscal tipping point—mostly due to the explosive growth in federal entitlement spending, especially on Medicare Read More.

Medicare Trustees: A Bleak Future Without Real Reform

Conservatives and liberals agree that Medicare is on an unsustainable course. The debate is about changing course and securing a better future. Read More.

Top Five Flawed Arguments Against Premium Support

The Wyden–Ryan premium support plan for Medicare ensures that reform of the government’s largest health entitlement program will continue to be a topic of debate. Read More.

Medicare Premium Support: The Best Reform Option

The recent proposal by Representative Paul Ryan (R–WI) and Senator Ron Wyden (D–OR) showcases the growing, and bipartisan, agreement that premium support is the path forward for saving Medicare. Read More.

The Case for Competition in Medicare

Proposals to reform Medicare and slow its spending fall into one of two categories: more government micromanagement or empowerment of health care consumers in a functioning marketplace. Read More.

The Medicare program faces a 75-year unfunded liability in excess of $30 trillion. Instead of resorting to the traditional “solutions” of raising taxes, cutting benefits, or cutting payments to health care providers, Congress should begin a two-stage structural reform of Medicare to transform the program into a robust system of consumer choice and competition.


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