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Restoring the U.S. to a Free Economy

In 2010, for the first time, the United States fell from the ranks of the economically “free” as measured by the Index of Economic Freedom, falling below the cutoff that earns countries the right to call themselves “free.” Read More.

Steps to Economic Recovery and Economic Growth

Policymakers need to focus on what they can do to help the economy recover, but they must also recognize the limitations of policy initiatives. Government’s guiding principle today should be: do less harm. Read More.

Government Spending is Not an Economic Stimulus

Despite decades of repeated failure, President Obama and Congress continue to promote the myth that government can spend its way out of recession. However, government spending does not end recessions. Read More.

Top Five Steps Government Should Take to Create Jobs

To help unleash the private sector to invest and create jobs, Congress should promptly take five specific actions. Read More.

Why the Demand Side Stimulus Failed

At best, stimulus efforts based on government spending and tax cuts have done no harm. It is possible most of these efforts over the past couple of years have slowed the recovery while adding hundreds of billions of dollars to the national debt. Read More.

Misguided stimulus spending has added significantly to the massive federal debt without creating economic growth or jobs. Lawmakers should get federal spending under control, reform the tax code, and remove undue regulatory burdens to enable economic growth and private sector job creation.