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Know Which Taxes Are Set to Increase: The List

Heritage expert Curtis Dubay gives you the facts on what’s coming Read the Full Report .

Top Five Steps Government Should Take to Create Jobs

America needs jobs. A government committed to free enterprise, limited government, and individual freedom, and not to more borrowing and spending, can properly help. Read More.

The New Flat Tax Produces Jobs and Growth

The New Flat Tax, as outlined in Heritage’s ‘Saving the American Dream’ plan, would replace today’s convoluted tax system with a simple, neutral, and transparent tax system that would allow America to achieve its full economic potential. Read More.

Saving the American Dream

The Heritage Foundation offers a detailed plan to redesign entitlement programs, guarantee assistance to those who need it, and save the American dream for future generations. Read More.

Economic Policy in 2016

Solutions 2016 provides candidates for elected office the ability to quickly identify the key issues of the day and present clear policy recommendations, supported by facts, for addressing them. Read more.