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Budget and Spending

Federal Spending

Federal Spending By the NUmbers 2013

In 2013, federal spending approached $3.5 trillion and the deficit dropped to “only” $642 billion. Read More.

Federal Budget Chart Book

See the web’s best visual presentation of federal spending, taxes, debt, and entitlements. Read More.

Saving the American Dream

The Heritage Foundation offers a detailed plan to redesign entitlement programs, guarantee assistance to those who need it, and save the American dream for future generations. Read More.

Federal spending is out-of-control and is projected to grow even faster in the future, burdening Americans and saddling future generations with a massive, unaffordable debt. Congress should cut current spending and rein in future spending through entitlement reforms, without raising taxes, and while assuring full funding for America’s defense.


Experts on Federal Spending