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Budget and Spending

Debt Ceiling

Stay Focused on Spending Cuts in Debt Limit Debate

Whatever happens, the debt limit should not be raised unless we are put on a path to balance the budget in 10 years. Read More.

United States’ High Debt Will Hurt American Families

There are many disastrous consequences of high government debt that affect us all Read More.

Tax Reform Only Muddles the Debt Limit Debate

While an important priority for Congress, tax reform cannot be linked to the debt limit debate Read More.

Clear Away the Nonsense to Understand the Debt

The weight of the evidence indicates that high debt slows growth, contrary to some who discount this clear conclusion Read More.

Federal Budget in Pictures: Debt and Deficits

See the best visual presentation of the national debt, annual deficits—and what the numbers say are the real solutions. Read More.

The debt ceiling – the limit the Congress puts on the national debt - has grown to alarming levels in recent years. Congress must urgently pursue the path that drives down federal spending and borrowing and gets to a balanced budget without raising taxes, while preserving our ability to protect America.


Experts on Debt Ceiling