Mass Ave Episode 112: School Choice for Military Families


Mass Ave Episode 112: School Choice for Military Families

Jul 4th, 2017 1 min read

Commentary By

Tommy Binion

Director, Congressional and Executive Branch Relations

Daniel Davis @JDaniel_Davis

Commentary Editor for The Daily Signal

Emily VanderBush

Constitutional/Legal Policy

The Robert H. Bruce Studio The Heritage Foundation

This week...

  • The education system should do more to serve those who serve the country; Will Skillman Education Fellow Lindsey Burke and researcher Anne Ryland explain how to provide children in military families with better education access. Burke and Ryland have advocated for Education Savings Accounts that would allow military parents - often left without school choice - to spend money on schools and other educational resources that best fit the needs of their children. 
  • Lawmakers might have to raise the debt ceiling sooner than expected, but Roe Institute Deputy Director Romina Boccia thinks Congress should cap spending instead. The debt limit exists to make legislators consider current measures, and the current deadline gives legislators the opportunity to deliberate over how to cut spending and control the debt. Whether that moderation wins the day during the current discussion remains to be seen.

For some background...

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