Against a Federal Bailout: State Budget Resources

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Against a Federal Bailout: State Budget Resources

February 28, 2003 9 min read
The Heritage Foundation

State capitals are busy with lawmakers working to eliminate red ink: 31 states must fill a combined $17.5 billion budget gap before June 30, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Rather than encourage them to reform their budgets and reduce costs, Senator Thomas Daschle (D-SD) has proposed a $40 billion federal bailout to prop up state spending. Because it would lead to higher federal taxes, this bailout would not save taxpayers any money. Furthermore, it would encourage the same overspending that created these crises. It would be better to practice spending discipline and allow low taxes to aid economic growth, which will in turn help balance state budgets.

State governments have wisely concluded that their constituents should be spared higher state taxes, but the bailout solution would simply raise federal taxes instead. Taxpayers do not care whether they mail their taxes to Washington or their state capital; they care about their total tax burden and whether they are getting their money's worth. Congress should forget accounting gimmicks and cost shifting. It is time for all levels of government to take responsibility for their budgets and reduce excessive spending.
-- Brian Riedl in The Case Against a Federal Bailout of the States

American Legislative Exchange Council
"Should the Feds Bail Out the States?"
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Goldwater Institute

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Public Interest Institute

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Mackinac Center for Public Policy

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North Carolina
John Locke Foundation

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Cascade Policy Institute

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Texas Conservative Coalition Reseaerch Institute

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Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy

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