Campus Outreach


Campus Outreach

Materials and promotion about Heritage and the Young Leaders Program.

Aug 7, 2019 1 min read

Young Leaders Program

The Young Leaders Program would also be happy to provide pocket constitutions to any individual or organization interested, as well as a wide variety of resources covering topics such as lifemarriageover-criminalization, and market tested talking points and ideas about each of these areas.

Additionally, Heritage provides multiple news resources:

  • The Insider: Heritage’s online news magazine.
  • The Morning Bell: a daily email that is a one-stop source for credible news reporting and insightful commentary on political and policy issues that are shaping the agenda.

YLP would be happy to send materials and promotion about Heritage and the Young Leaders Program, including pocket constitutions! We would also be willing to coordinate a briefing for your organization while you visit Washington, DC! Please email for those opportunities.

Request an expert/scholar from The Heritage Foundation to come to your campus and speak on a topic area by emailing us!

The Young Leaders Program has Campus Liaisons across the country who have gone through the Heritage internship and are able to speak about their experience at Heritage.

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