Election Fraud Cases

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State Year Name Type of Case Type of Fraud
StateHawaiiYear2016NameTiffany Edwards HuntCase TypeCivil PenaltyFraud TypeFalse Registrations

Tiffany Edwards Hunt, a former candidate for the Hawaii County Council, pleaded no contest to a Class C felony voter registration charge. Prior to her 2014 campaign, Hunt had claimed her husband's surf shop as her primary residence, allowing her to vote in a district in which she did not reside. She switched her residency back to her home in District 5 so she could run for office. She ultimately lost by 274 votes. Her plea of no contest resulted in the dismissal of charges, but she was nevertheless assessed a $500 fine for the violation.

Source: https://herit.ag/3BLlU18

StateHawaiiYear1982NameRoss Segawa, Clifford Uwaine, Debra…Case TypeCriminal ConvictionFraud TypeFalse Registrations

In 1982, 27 individuals participated in an illegal scheme to boost Honolulu voter registrations for candidate Ross Segawa. Segawa was convicted on 10 counts of election fraud, criminal solicitation, and evidence tampering. Segawa served a year in prison and was expelled from law school. State Sen. Clifford Uwaine was convicted of conspiring to illegally register voters and served three months in jail; and Debra Kawaoka, an aide to Uwaine who also played a part in the false registration, served numerous weekends in prison. Brian Minaai and the other students each pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor.

Source: https://herit.ag/3f2izRn