The Transition Project

The Transition Project

Determining future policy victories for our shared, principled agenda.

Since 1980, The Heritage Foundation has been the premier trusted partner to elected and appointed conservatives. Our policy and implementation expertise, personnel support, and training are unmatched. For some in Washington, political transitions are an academic exercise and spectator sport. At Heritage, we know successful transitions determine future policy victories for our shared, principled agenda.

In the battle of ideas, there are no permanent victories or defeats. The Heritage Foundation knows that victory is never by chance. We are committed to helping elected leaders craft intelligent strategies that involve sound principles, great policy and teams of well-placed, competent and credentialed conservatives.

Kay C. James

President, The Heritage Foundation


Heritage provides superb conservative policy guidance, analysis and tools to drive our shared principled agenda. 


Heritage experts are nationally and globally known for their command of issues across the policy spectrum as well as the budget, legislative and regulatory process. Interested in consulting a Heritage expert on a key issue? Talk to our experts today!

Reagan and Meese"Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don't interfere as long as the policy you've decided upon is being carried out." - President Ronald Reagan


Heritage knows personnel is policy. Our Job Bank is a top resource for White House, Capitol Hill, State hiring officials and allied public policy organizations. Examine Plum Book jobs, upload your resume, or recommend a friend! 

  • White House & Executive Branch Agencies
  • Capitol Hill
  • State Government
  • Allied Public Policy Organizations 

The Heritage Truluck Center trains current and aspiring political appointees and key staff with practical skills to be effective on Day One. Take a look at our previous Presidential Personnel Series and check the topics and skills we train on below.  

Interested in Heritage training or upcoming programs? Contact Director Kristine Bramsen or Associate Director Becky Turco.


  • First Principles: Pillars of Policy
  • Leadership in Government
  • Chief of Staff Training
  • Schedule C Training
  • Background Checks & Security Clearances
  • Federal Personnel: Political/Career Rules
  • Working with the Civil Service
  • Policy Issue Briefings
  • Executive Order Implementation
  • Executive Branch Policy & Regulatory Process
  • Government Operations/FOIA Requests
  • Oversight & Investigations: Congress/GAO/OIG


  • Serving a Principal
  • Crisis Avoidance/Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Speech Writing
  • Congressional Testimony
  • Electronic, Print & Social Media
  • Stakeholder Operations
  • Scheduling
  • Advance
  • Records & Archives: Exec Sec