Teaching Companion

This Teaching Edition covers every clause in the Constitution and summarizes each essay in The Heritage Guide to the Constitution. The methodological difference is that the Teaching Edition focuses on major themes of the Constitution and how it operates. It also includes exercises and quizzes to facilitate understanding of the Constitution’s main concepts.

The Teaching Edition is appropriate for classroom settings, reading groups, or individual self-study. It is designed and organized to maximize flexibility: Students can learn about the Constitution by focusing on the branches of government, the seven Articles, or various topics such as voting, the House of Representatives, or federalism. As a result, the Teaching Edition can be the basis of a complete class on the Constitution, a supplement to a course, or an additional teaching or learning source for any course of study that deals with the Constitution.

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Understanding The Constitution

Unit 2: The Legislature

Unit 3: The Executive Branch

Unit 4: The Judicial Branch

Unit 5: The Constitution, Federalism, and The States

Unit 6: Amendments and The Bill of Rights

Unit 7: Slavery, Voting, and the Constitution