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November 8, 2016

November 8, 2016 | News Releases on

Post-Election: Threats Abound in the Lame Duck

With last night's election results now pretty much settled, Congress will return to Washington next week for the start of a lame-duck session. 

This session could possibly contain deals that would increase the debt by billions of dollars, slap taxes on internet sales and bail out insurance companies to keep Obamacare limping along. 

Heritage expert Paul Winfree says a lame duck is “the wrong time” to pass major legislation. “Members of Congress no longer accountable to the people have no business voting on the people’s business,” he said.  “Unaccountable lawmakers produce irresponsible laws.” 

Recent polling shows 75% of the American people agree that Congress should make no major decisions during a lame duck period. “That’s no surprise,” Winfree says. “Americans are tired of Washington’s addiction to big spending and they fear a lame duck session will produce yet another log-rolling, omnibus bill that piles up even more debt.”

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