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August 25, 2016

August 25, 2016 | News Releases on

National Park's Centennial: $12 billion reasons to celebrate

Today the National Park Service (NPS) is celebrating their centennial. Created on this day in 1916, the NPS was founded with the mission to care for the nation’s national parks and other conservation lands that are property of the federal government. Heritage expert Nick Loris says President Obama’s present for the service’s centennial is a whopper - “increased control over America’s land.”

In a unilateral move, without any input from Congress, the president has granted the park service an additional 87,500 acres in north-central Maine to manage. Meanwhile, the NPS currently faces a $12 billion maintenance backlog for the land it already oversees.

Loris argues, “the Obama administration has now put more than 265 million acres of America’s lands and waters under control of the NPS, restricting economic activities and taking away decisions from states and individual citizens in the process.”

For more of Nick’s research visit HERE.

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