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July 6, 2016

July 6, 2016 | News Releases on

NATO Summit Offers Opportunity for the Alliance

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) gathers in Warsaw, Poland this weekend to critically explore the shape of the alliance’s cohesion post-Brexit and increasing threats from Russia.

Heritage NATO expert Luke Coffey said the July summit offers an opportunity for the alliance to prioritize burden sharing commitments and take measures to defend its allies from Russia.

“The alliance should build on commitments of the 2014 summit in Wales regarding defense spending and increased military capability. The U.S. should reverse its own defense cuts and find creative ways to press its allies to invest more in defense.

“The alliance will have to think strategically to defending the complex region of the Baltic States from Russian threats -- taking long-term measures that include the eventual permanent basing of troops in the region, the establishment of a Baltic Air Defense mission, and a commitment to regular training exercises focused on rapid troop reinforcement in the region.”

As an ally that has prioritized defense spending, Poland is a fitting host for the 2016 NATO summit, an ally that has prioritized defense spending and borders Ukraine while the war there continues.

Nolan Peterson, The Daily Signal’s foreign correspondent, arrives in Warsaw Saturday to report.  His on-the-ground dispatches, photos, and video from the front lines in Ukraine and Iraq can be found at The Daily Signal

For more information, read our fact sheet: Top 8 U.S. Priorities at the NATO Summit in Warsaw.

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