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June 2, 2016

June 2, 2016 | News Releases on

As ISIS Operations Develop, Leading Presidential Candidates Must Plan Ahead

Iraqi forces are moving towards reclaiming key ISIS strongholds in Iraq and Syria according to Pentagon officials.

The Heritage Foundation’s Senior Research Fellow for Middle East Affairs, Jim Phillips, warns that there is a long road ahead and the Obama Administration must take steps to stop ISIS expansion into neighboring territories. Leading presidential candidates must also take note of the current status of operations and begin planning for next steps.

“ISIS continues to metastasize and expand in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, among other places. To defeat ISIS, the United States and its allies must counter ISIS in these countries. As things stand, the Obama Administration continues to deny the U.S. deployment of roughly 5,000 troops is in reality a combat operation,” explains Phillips.

“The progress against ISIS in Iraq and Syria could have occurred much sooner, resulting in fewer deaths, if it were not for the Administration’s ad-hoc incremental approach, which allowed ISIS to flourish and attracted over 30,000 foreign fighters.”

“The United States cannot afford to duplicate this strategy in the up-and-coming ISIS regions.”

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