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May 18, 2016

May 18, 2016 | News Releases on

Heritage Unveils New Resource in Fight for Fiscal Responsibility

Both chambers of Congress are working up appropriations bills, even though lawmakers have once again failed to agree to a budget. What the final bills will look like is anybody’s guess, but one thing is certain: When the dust has settled, FY 2017 spending will leave U.S. taxpayers saddled with even more debt.

Earlier this year, The Heritage Foundation published “Blueprint for Balance” detailing how lawmakers could lower federal spending by $418 billion and put the government on track to end deficit spending in just seven years.

Today, with publication of Federal Budget in Pictures, Heritage has provided another resource in the fight to promote greater fiscal responsibility.

Federal Budget in Pictures presents key data concerning federal debt, taxation and spending in eye-catching, easy-to-understand graphics. The booklet also highlights fiscal malpractices that, if reformed, would unshackle the American economy, increasing opportunity for all.

The online version of the booklet will be updated throughout the year as newer data becomes available. You can access the online version here.

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