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May 17, 2016

May 17, 2016 | News Releases on

Defense Budget Should Focus on Fixing the Readiness Crisis, Not Social Engineering

Today the House of Representatives will take up the National Defense Authorization Act, the defense budgeting bill. 

Justin Johnson, a defense budget expert at The Heritage Foundation, argues that the legislation must ensure the military can do its job, especially in light of recent reports where some Air Force squadrons have only  half of their B-1 bombers and F-16s operational.

“With every amendment that comes up, the first question a legislator should ask is ‘will this amendment help our military win wars?’

“Our forces are rapidly deteriorating. A readiness crisis is already upon us. Congress must focus on fixing that.

“Social engineering initiatives only distract from what should be Job One, and that makes our military less strong,” Johnson added. “The road to rebuilding our military will be a long one. We cannot afford to delay any longer.”

For a full readout of Heritage policy of the recommendations for the NDAA, read here.

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