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April 21, 2016

April 21, 2016 | News Releases on

Heritage Statement on Signing of Paris Agreement on Climate Change

"Signing on to the Paris Agreement on climate change is a terribly expensive mistake. The pact commits Washington to regulate our economy even more heavily in the name of climate change, yet it will have essentially zero impact on global temperatures. It will, however, seriously damage the American economy – sharply driving up energy costs, killing jobs and raising prices on virtually all consumer goods.
The Constitution requires President Obama to submit this agreement to the Senate as a treaty for its advice and consent. He has refused to do so. The administration’s decision to ignore this Constitutional requirement exposes its lawlessness and inability to defend the damage this agreement will do to our economy.

The next president should withdraw the U.S. from this onerous agreement immediately upon taking office.

Finally, it also should raise grave concerns for the American people that billions of taxpayer dollars will be used to support an agreement that includes the involvement of the Palestinian Authority in violation of U.S. law and past precedent."

 - Steven Groves, Bernard and Barbara Lomas Senior Research Fellow at The Heritage Foundation

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Steven Groves Bernard and Barbara Lomas Senior Research Fellow
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