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October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015 | News Releases on

Summit on Workers’ Empowerment

Washington, D.C.  – On October 6, The Heritage Foundation plans to hold a “Summit on Workers’ Empowerment,” to draw attention to excessive government regulations that hold workers back and the issues Big Labor and the enabling administration are causing to the American workforce. The event will counter the “Summit on Worker Voice” held by the White House and Department of Labor the following day, which is designed to promote organized labor and advance the misguided notion that the decline of union membership represents a major problem for employees.
The Workforce Fairness Institute (WFI) and the Heritage Foundation know that 21st century workers are choosing not to join unions because they see little benefit from union dues.  In reality, the government itself often creates more significant barriers for workers just trying to get ahead. 
“Most workers don’t find unions relevant to their working lives,” said Heritage labor economist James Sherk. "A much greater problem is the barriers the government itself erects.”
To exemplify why workers are choosing not to join unions, the “Summit on Workers’ Empowerment” will feature workers from different industries throughout the country discussing problems they have encountered.  Some of the workers are:
Karen Cox – A lift-truck operator from Illinois whose workplace was unionized without a secret ballot election. Watch Ms. Cox's Story
Isis Brantley – A hair braider from Dallas arrested because she braided hair without a cosmetology license. Watch Ms. Brantley's Story
These Americans along with others, will discuss their true experiences with collective bargaining and occupational licensing and also explain how changes to public policy could improve their lives. 

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