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March 3, 2015

March 3, 2015 | News Releases on

Heritage Mourns Loss of Stan Evans

WASHINGTON,  March 2, 2015--Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint today issued the following statement on the death of American journalist, author and educator M. Stanton Evans:

Stan Evans was an integral part of “The Second Generation” of the American conservative movement. His efforts, alongside those of other great thinkers such as Paul Weyrich and Phyllis Schlafly, built the political and policy apparatus that helped carry Ronald Reagan into the White House in the 1980 election.      

His cutting wit—he once wisely quipped that "gridlock is the next best thing to having a Constitution"—was evident in the eight books he authored.

Stan adeptly advised President Reagan that it was dangerous to cave to the Democratic Congress by mixing his spending cuts with their tax increases. Reagan later would deliver on the tax increases but Congress reneged on their promised spending cuts. More than 30 years later, Stan’s warning about budget talks still rings true.

Stan also advanced greater awareness and understanding of America’s traditional values by founding the Education and Research Institute in 1974.  A subsidiary, the Center for Security Research, arrived 14 years later as a centralized collection point for historical records of the Cold War. CSR remains the only organization devoted to informing the American public about the real dangers of Communism by publishing, in full, declassified intelligence documents.

What struck me about Stan Evans was the humility and easy-going nature with which he carried out a relentless desire to uphold the First Amendment and other founding principles. He will be sorely missed.

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