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July 24, 2014

July 24, 2014 | News Releases on

Heritage Mourns Loss of John Blundell

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 24, 2014Statement on the death of John Blundell, former executive director of the Institute of Economic Affairs in London, who died on Tuesday, July 22.

 “All of us at Heritage were deeply saddened to learn of John Blundell’s passing,’ said Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint. “John was a tremendous believer in the Transatlantic Partnership, seeing the US-Anglo alliance as the cornerstone of the global freedom movement.  And we at Heritage viewed John, who built up so many freedom-loving organizations both here and around the world, as our own, best Transatlantic Partner.”

 “A key figure in the conservative movement, John was always much more than a business ‘partner’,” DeMint added. “He always managed to make business a pleasure.”

 Added Heritage Founder Ed Feulner: “I’ve been blessed to call John a colleague and a dear friend for more than a quarter century. He first wrote for Heritage in 1988. His topic then: the pernicious effects of ‘Britain’s Nightmare Value Added Tax.’ It was written in the style that characterized all his work: sprightly, engaging, and chock-full of data that backed up the lessons to be drawn from every anecdote he related.

 “John was a frequent visitor at Heritage, and one of our most popular lecturers—he talked just as engagingly as he wrote. It was only fitting, then, that we chose him to deliver the 1,000th lecture offered at Heritage.  And what a lecture it was.  The topic of that April 30, 2007, address was “Achieving Change: What We Can Learn from Margaret Thatcher,” and the leadership lessons he presented that day should be required reading for today’s world leaders.”

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