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November 19, 2012

November 19, 2012 | News Releases on

As Lazof Fellow, Beach Battles ‘Taxmageddon’

Washington, D.C., Nov. 19, 2012—William W. Beach, the economist in charge of the trusted data analysis at The Heritage Foundation, lately has carried another credential while crunching the numbers on high unemployment and soaring taxes: He is the leading conservative think tank’s first Lazof Family Fellow.

Ron and Chenza Lazof, of Dallas, Texas, are stalwart proponents of free enterprise, low taxes, limited government and a vibrant free market. In recognition of their generous gift to advance these principles, Heritage created the Lazof Family Fellowship; the honor officially went to Beach, director of Heritage’s Center for Data Analysis, in April 2012.

“Bill Beach’s expertise enabled Heritage not only to determine that the average American family faces $4,138 in new taxes in 2013, but to show how big that burden will be for families in each congressional district and state unless Congress and the White House fend off Taxmageddon,” Heritage President Edwin J. Feulner said.

William Beach, Lazof FellowAs head of the Center for Data Analysis, Beach is Heritage’s chief number cruncher. He and the CDA team do original statistical research on critical issues such as employment, taxes, Social Security, energy, trade, crime and education. He also oversees CDA’s annual Index of Dependence on Government.

“Bill put CDA into the same league as the Congressional Budget Office and the Office of Management and Budget when it comes to calculating the potential costs and benefits of legislation or tax policy,” Feulner noted.

Ron Lazof, former president and chief executive officer of Behr Paint Inc., also has more than 30 years of experience in business and tax law. Prompted by concern for the country’s fiscal health and the economic future faced by their grandchildren, the Lazofs made their first gift to Heritage in 2010.

“Ron has witnessed the harmful effects of runaway government spending on everyday Americans and knows that our nation can do much better than the current path,” Feulner said. “We are grateful for the Lazofs’ commitment and generosity, which will significantly increase the influence and reach of our research.”

Before joining Heritage in 1995, Beach worked in both the private and public sectors, including two Kansas-based law firms and the Missouri Office of Budget and Planning. A graduate of Washburn University in Topeka, Kan., Beach also holds a master’s degree in history and economics from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

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