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August 27, 2010

August 27, 2010 | News Releases on

Butler to Head Heritage’s New ‘Big Ideas’ Division

Washington , D.C. , Aug. 27, 2010--The Heritage Foundation today announced creation of the Center for Policy Innovation, a new division charged with designing “the next generation of breakthrough policy ideas.”

The brainchild of veteran Stuart Butler and others at Heritage, the CPI will serve as the conservative think tank’s “iPod” division -- a small, loosely structured group of people assembled to research and develop radically innovative solutions.

“Think of it as a think tank within a think tank,” said Heritage President Edwin Feulner, “a freewheeling research laboratory dedicated to thinking ‘outside the box’ to devise landmark policy recommendations consonant with time-tested, conservative principles.”

The CPI will operate under the direction of Dr. Butler, one of the nation’s best-known domestic policy experts and one with a reputation for developing transformative ideas that attract bipartisan support.

“Stuart is rightly regarded as the father of enterprise zones and one of the intellectual prime movers behind welfare reform and the school choice movement,” Dr. Feulner noted. “These ideas have helped reshape America for the better, and they exemplify the kind of groundbreaking work we expect from the new center.”

Dr. Butler sees the Center for Policy Innovation as a mechanism for assembling a number of “virtual think tanks,” each dedicated to addressing a seemingly intractable problem. For example, he said, “breaking the congressional paralysis” on dealing with the federal government’s long-term fiscal crisis will be an early project.

He envisions forming specialized teams of policy experts from think tanks, academia and the private sector to come up with creative policy solutions, and assembling political scientists, game theorists and others to devise strategies and legislative procedures to break the impasse.

As CPI director, Dr. Butler will remain a member of Heritage’s senior management team. But as he shifts over to launch the center, David Addington will step into his slot as Heritage’s vice president for domestic and economic policy studies.

A veteran of Washington policy debates, Addington has served in senior management positions in both the public and private sectors. In the legislative branch, he served as chief counsel or counsel for four congressional committees -- one in the Senate and three in the House. In the executive branch, he worked in both the CIA and the Defense Department, where he received numerous awards for distinguished service. Most recently, Addington served in the Office of the Vice President, first as Dick Cheney’s counsel and later as his chief of staff.

“David is a brilliant policy expert and an outstanding administrator,” Dr. Feulner said. “He understands how Washington works at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue and knows exactly what it takes to turn policy ideas into law. While Stuart concentrates on developing the next big ideas, David will focus on running our regular domestic research operations, where analysts refine ideas and sweat the details.”

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