March 19, 2002

March 19, 2002 | News Releases on Political Thought

Heritage Foundation Releases New "Issues" Policy Guidebook

WASHINGTON, Mar. 19, 2002-Candidates running for local, state and federal office this year will find a wealth of useful information to help them on the campaign trail in "Issues 2002," the latest edition in The Heritage Foundation's long-running series of policy guidebooks.

Subtitled "The Candidates' Briefing Book," this new version of "Issues" provides candidates, speechwriters and policy-makers with dozens of plain-English recommendations on a wide spectrum of issues, from the war on terrorism, the Middle East and homeland security to Social Security, taxes and welfare reform.

And it does so in a variety of formats, says Michael Franc, Heritage's vice president for government relations. In addition to the conventional print version-itself smaller and easier to carry than previous editions-"Issues 2002" is available on two CD-ROMs (carrying both a full and condensed copy of the book) and online at, which offers up-to-the-minute updates on subjects covered in "Issues."

The online "Issues" carries the full text of each chapter, as well as links to the latest scholarly papers (both from Heritage and from others), breaking news stories, a roundup of top facts and figures labeled "quick hits" and a list of Heritage's recommendations for handling the issue in 2003.

Someone doing a search for "homeland security," for example, can download the "Issues" chapter by security expert Michael Scardaville in pdf and html formats, but also will be able to get articles from Time magazine, The Washington Post and other sources, as well as a new study on treating anthrax cases from Johns Hopkins University and a State Department report on "Significant Terrorist Incidents, 1961-2001."

"By turning 'Issues 2002' into a constantly evolving product, we'll be able to do more than just keep up with the most pressing issues of the day," says Franc. "We'll be able to better serve the needs of those who use 'Issues'-the candidates, the speechwriters, the experts-and ensure that it remains a comprehensive, topical reference work throughout the campaign season and beyond."

Heritage has been publishing-and constantly refining-its "Issues" guidebooks since 1988. "Heritage's Issues is an invaluable resource for both incumbents and challengers who want to have ideas and facts at their fingertips," according to Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb. Adds House Majority Leader Richard Armey, R-Texas: "No candidate should run without it."

Print copies of "Issues 2002" can ordered by calling 1 (800) 544-4843.

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