July 5, 2001

July 5, 2001 | News Releases on Education

New Heritage Foundation Web Site Helps Parents Grade Area Schools

WASHINGTON, Jul. 5, 2001?You know how well your child is doing academically?that?s what report cards are for. But what about your child?s school itself? Where do you go to find out how highly it rates and how it compares to other schools?

Answer: Point your Web browser to www.heritage.org/reportcards to access The Heritage Foundation?s ?Report Card Report: America?s Best Web sites for School Profiles,? a one-stop resource for parents, educators and lawmakers compiled by Heritage education analyst Thomas Dawson and researcher Mira Zawadzki.

There, you?ll find links to scores of Web sites that provide hard data on schools in districts across the nation. Parents can find a range of information, including academic rankings, test scores, pupil-per-teacher ratios, enrollment totals, per-student expenditures, percentages of special-education students?even the number of students per computer, in some cases.

Today, 33 states post school information online, but Dawson expects this number to climb in the wake of education reform legislation now being considered by Congress that would require states to issue such ?report cards.?

Visitors to the Heritage site can ?click? on the state they?re interested in. They?re then taken to a list of sites that provide information about schools in that state. Parents in California, for example, can view data from the California Department of Education; an ad-hoc group called the Education Data Partnership; a non-profit organization known as Great Schools; and a parent-run group, School Wise Press (?Helping Parents Get Smart About California Schools?).

The Heritage ?Report Card? also contains links to other Web sites of general interest, such as the American School Directory and DigitalCity.com. In addition, Dawson and Zawadzki assign grades to what they consider ?10 Model Report Cards.?

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