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Quad Plus

Quad-Plus Dialogue

In 2013, national-security analysts from four major think tanks—the Heritage Foundation (USA), Vivekananda International Foundation (India), the Tokyo Foundation (Japan) and the Australian Strategic Policy Institute—launched an initiative entitled the “Quad-Plus”.

The idea was to convene expert discussions around shared strategic concerns among the four democracies - and a rotating fifth or “plus” country. The intent is to inform discussions among our governments and prod them to formally re-convene the official Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, which met first in 2007 and was then suspended amidst complaints from Beijing.

China, given that it is such a major factor in the strategic environment, has figured prominently in our private talks, and would likely be a point of common concern at an official level. It is a concern, however, that is not discussed in a vacuum. All four countries have interests in areas like the freedom of the seas, the shape of regional diplomatic architecture, counter-terrorism, and other non-traditional security issues. These interests have been the real drivers of our private discussions. We would expect such a focus again at the official level.

The first dialogue was hosted by ASPI in Canberra, the second by Jakarta’s Habibie Center, and in 2016 by VIF in Jaipur, India. Currently, plans are to hold the fourth and final dialogue in Washington DC in 2017 in order to coincide with the inauguration of a new administration in Washington.


Terrorism/Extremism (Ravi K Sawhney, Distinguished Fellow, Vivekananda International Foundation, India)

Quad Plus Book 2013

View the full Quad Plus Book from 2013 Quad Plus: Towards a Shared Strategic Vision for the Indo-Pacific (Edited by Walter Lohman, General Ravi K Sawhney, Andrew Davies, and Ippeita Nishida)