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China Global Investment Tracker Interactive Map

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China's investment in the U.S. and around the world contracted in the first half of 2014. The China Global Investment Tracker created by the American Enterprise Institute and The Heritage Foundation is the only publicly available, comprehensive dataset of large Chinese investments and contracts worldwide (excluding bonds). Details are available on over 1250 attempted transactions -- failed and successful – valued at more than $100 million in all industries, including energy, mining, real estate, and transportation.

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China’s Steady Global Investment: American Choices
The tidal wave of Chinese investment around the world predicted by some and feared by others has not materialized and is unlikely to. Various obstacles to overseas spending by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) kept growth moderate in the first half of 2013. Chinese investment in the U.S. was substantial in the first half of the year, continuing the performance in 2012. This trend indicates that certain American policy choices should be clarified. The U.S. benefits from Chinese investment, but there is little reason to heed Chinese demands for a more welcoming environment until there is progress on American investment interests in China.

China’s Global Investment Rises: The U.S. Should Focus on Competition
China’s 2012 outbound investment set new records. North America jumped to the forefront of Chinese business activity, but this is likely to be temporary: Chinese enterprises move as a group from region to region. Energy and metals draw the most money. The outlook for Chinese investment is positive, but setbacks will continue to occur, due in part to foreign suspicion of state firms. The U.S. should formulate policy to ensure competition, with the Chinese firms that come here, in the Chinese market, and around the world through the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other agreements that liberalize market access.

Chinese Outward Investment: Acceleration Features the U.S.
Chinese outward investment strengthened in the first half of 2012. The leading recipient of new Chinese investment was the U.S., recovering sharply from a very weak 2011. Unsurprisingly, energy is still the main target for investment but, in addition, transportation construction contracts are prominent while investment in the financial sector receded. The best policy for the U.S. is to continue to outpace China by opening markets around the world to American investors.

China On Your Doorstep
If there’s a Chinese business person in your neighborhood talking about buying a local company or plot of land, you’re not alone. Excluding bond purchases, Chinese investment in the U.S. set a record last year at over $14 billion, rising more than 50 percent from 2012. There are drawbacks to an intense economic relationship, as China is not a friend. But Chinese investment clearly benefits us.