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  • Issue Brief posted January 15, 2014 by Ana Quintana, James M. Roberts Latin America and the Caribbean: Congressional Priorities for 2014

    In 2013, the Obama Administration seemed to take for granted U.S. relationships with our many friendly neighbors in Latin America and the Caribbean—nations that share our democratic and economic values—while ignoring growing threats to our national security from some countries in the region that are openly hostile to America’s core principles. In 2014, Congress should…

  • Issue Brief posted January 7, 2013 by James M. Roberts, Ray Walser, Ph.D. Latin America and the Caribbean: A Wish List for 2013

    Too often Latin America and the Caribbean fall off political radar screens in Washington. Nonetheless, geography, robust trade and investment ties, strong demographic links, and shared democratic and economic values connect Americans deeply with the region. In 2013 and beyond, the second Obama Administration and Washington policymakers of all stripes should work to…

  • Issue Brief posted October 19, 2012 by Ryan Olson, James M. Roberts CARICOM: U.S. Should Push Back Against Chavez in the Caribbean

    The historically pro-American multilateral organization known as the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has been struggling for decades to form a regional “Single Market and Economy” (CSME) to integrate the disparate islands and sub-continental economies of the Caribbean Basin into a common market based on sound democratic institutions and pro-market policies. The obstacles to…

  • Issue Brief posted March 20, 2012 by Ray Walser, Ph.D., Marc Wachtenheim Leveraging Technology to Support Free Access to Information in Cuba

    The Cuban people, living within the constricted space permitted by the 53-year-old Cuban Revolution, have not benefited from the remarkable leap forward in communication technology over the past few decades. Havana’s repressive regime wishes to shift censorship’s traditional fault lines to the electronic sphere, severely restricting its population’s ability to chart its…

  • WebMemo posted March 30, 2010 by Ray Walser, Ph.D. Do’s and Don’ts for Real Haiti Recovery

    The future of Haiti—still uncertain following the January 12 earthquake that claimed between 200,000 and 300,000 lives and left 1.5 million homeless—will be the subject of an upcoming major donor conference at the United Nations. Scheduled for March 31, this conference will focus on the creation of a master plan for Haiti’s future accompanied by the requisite pledging of…

  • Backgrounder posted February 11, 1991 by Michael G. Wilson Is Haiti Turning Into Another Cuba?

    (Archived document, may contain errors) 2/11/91 155 IS HAITI TURNING INTO ANOTHER CUBA? (Updating Backgrounder 746, "Haiti's Continuing Challenge to U.S. Policy Makers," January 18, 1990.) Haiti last week joined the ranks of the Western Hemisphere's democratic nations, leaving Cuba to stand as the sole dictatorship in the Americas. Internationally supervised…

  • Backgrounder posted May 11, 1984 by Esther Wilson An Agenda for the U.S. - Mexican Summit

  • Backgrounder posted December 9, 1983 by Edward Lynch Is Peru Next?

  • Backgrounder posted March 31, 1982 by Jeffrey B. Gayner, Richard Araujo El Salvador After the Elections

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