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  • Issue Brief posted March 25, 2013 by Emily Goff Virginia and Maryland’s Transportation Plans Fuel Tax Hikes, Not Mobility

    The federal government’s ultimate goal for transportation should be to devolve the resources and decision making to the states, who know their transportation needs better than Washington does.[1] Embracing devolution, however, does not equate to an endorsement of ill-conceived, misguided policy prescriptions. Two such examples are the plan recently passed by the Virginia…

  • Backgrounder posted September 1, 2010 by James Sherk The New Face of the Union Movement: Government Employees

    Abstract: Unions have been a familiar part of American working life for more than 70 years. Less familiar is the state of the union movement today: More union members now work for the government than for private employers. The above-market salaries and benefits that government employees receive are paid for by taxpayers. So, the union movement that began as a campaign to…

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