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  • Backgrounder posted September 1, 2010 by James Sherk The New Face of the Union Movement: Government Employees

    Abstract: Unions have been a familiar part of American working life for more than 70 years. Less familiar is the state of the union movement today: More union members now work for the government than for private employers. The above-market salaries and benefits that government employees receive are paid for by taxpayers. So, the union movement that began as a campaign to…

  • Backgrounder posted July 28, 2008 by Ronald D. Utt, Ph.D. How States Can Improve Their Transportation Systems and Relieve Traffic Congestion

    Over the past several decades, federal and state transportation policies have struggled to keep pace with a rising population and increasing numbers of motorists and trucks using the roads. As a result, congestion has worsened in most major metropolitan areas, imposing extra costs on all motorists and truckers and threatening to undermine the economic vitality of many…

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