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  • WebMemo posted August 13, 2010 by Ray Walser, Ph.D. Santos–Chávez Santa Marta Summit: A Moment of Promise and Peril in the Americas

    The August 10 summit between newly inaugurated Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez is a potentially positive step in the Americas. The summit lowered tensions that were recently heightened when officials of the outgoing Uribe government presented evidence showing that an estimated 1,5000 fighters of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia…

  • WebMemo on August 4, 2010 Santos Takes Charge in Colombia: New Leader for an Old Friend

    On August 7, 2010, there will be a historic change of presidential leadership in Colombia. Executive power will pass from Alvaro Uribe—the strong, dynamic president who led the country for eight transformative years and is revered by many Colombians as the savior of a nation—to a very experienced, equally popular, yet different leader, Juan Manuel Santos. In June,…

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